A Love Story Raw Sauce + Maple Sap

The fifth month of the year, May, is the only time that we harvest acer mono sap, the star ingredient in our Raw Sauce formula. This early spring sap is mother nature’s best hydrating agent that most potent and effective when harvested during this season.
Maple Sugar Extract (MSE) is a 100% pure natural moisturizer extracted from maple tree sap in nature. It functions as a coating and treatment of skin preventing skin moisture from vaporizing.
The OG of waterless skincare. Water makes up about 70% of other skincare products, typically. That means only 30% of your routine is made up of the good stuff. (Also, water can be incredibly drying for your skin by stripping away your natural oil barrier when the water droplets eventually evaporate.)
That’s why we formulated Raw Sauce with 79% maple tree sap to deliver, deep, powerful hydration to your skin.