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Embrace Nature's Secret: The Wonders of Maple Sap in Skincare

by Christopher Tarton 08 Dec 2023

A Pristine Source: Maple Sap from Mount Jiri

Nestled within the pristine landscapes of Mount Jiri in South Korea, the maple tree stands as a testament to nature's gifts. Growing at altitudes between 500 to 1,000 meters above sea level, these trees offer a unique bounty: maple sap, a treasure only available once a year from late winter to early spring (Feb 20 to Mar 15). This exclusive period of collection ensures the sap's unparalleled purity and potency.


The location of these trees plays a crucial role in the quality of the sap harvested. The higher elevations of Mount Jiri, a region renowned for its well-preserved and clean environment, result in lower soil pollution levels. This pristine setting is crucial, especially in early spring when the fluctuating daily temperatures create the perfect conditions for producing the highest quality maple sap.


The Rich Composition of Maple Sap and Its Skincare Benefits

What makes maple sap a sought-after ingredient in skincare? Its composition is a marvel of nature. Rich in four major minerals - calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium - it boasts a concentration of these vital nutrients far exceeding that of regular drinking water. Maple sap contains about 40 times more calcium and 30 times more magnesium. These minerals are instrumental in strengthening the skin barrier, a fundamental aspect of skin health. They also play significant roles in skin brightening, hydration, providing antioxidants, and maintaining skin stability.


But the benefits of maple sap don't end there. A natural sugar content of around 2% serves a vital function in skin hydration. This natural sugar helps retain moisture by reducing evaporation from the skin's surface, a critical aspect in maintaining hydrated and supple skin.


Sustainable Harvesting and MAY COOP

When this sap is concentrated, it transforms into a substance with a viscosity akin to honey or essence. This transformation allows it to form a protective barrier on the skin's surface. Like a natural coating, it helps prevent moisture loss and improves skin texture.


In our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature, we ensure that the extraction process is as gentle as possible. When collecting sap from these robust trees, we only take 10% of the sap, ensuring no harm comes to the trees. Furthermore, adhering to the guidelines of the Korea Forest Service, we limit our harvest to February, thereby minimizing our impact on the wild maple trees.


With MAY COOP, we invite you to experience the gentle, naturally paced infusion of moisture maple sap provides. Discover the radiant hydration that fills your skin with every use, a testament to the harmonious balance between nature and skincare. Embrace this spring gift from nature and let your skin revel in the purity and effectiveness of maple sap – your new must-have ingredient for radiant, healthy skin.

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